Flogging little girls vaginas

In Africa, Girls Fight a Painful Tradition - The New York Times
There was a young lady named Eva Who went to the ball as Godiva, But a change in the lights, Showed a tear in her tights, And a low fellow. Your vagina (Yes, technically the correct term is "vulva" -- this is all external for me, does little to help with bumps) and alcohol-based or acidic.

29 Things Everyone With A Vagina Should Definitely Know

Taliban treatment of women - Wikipedia

People Are Putting What On Their Vaginas?! | HuffPost Life

Chapter 8: Infanticide, Child Rape and War in Early States | The Association for Psychohistory

The Sexual Gymnastics of Women in Madura  Indonesia Expat

Doctors urge Western states to 'compromise' on female genital mutilation

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