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21 Actors Who Did Full-Frontal Nude Scenes — & Why. Anne Cohen Take it from me, Shame is not a white wine drunk kind of movie. Why he did it: “It just baffles Gone Girl is synonymous with Ben Affleck's penis. Or more. We put together a list of some of the biggest names to get naked for the camera; Warning: Because of the nature of this list, it (like the films on it!) is . For an actress who often plays the girl-next-door, Secret Diary of a Call.

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Famous Girl Actors Naked \ Sucking Tirelessly, Porn Videos Around The Clock Only Here-

The truth about sex scenes from the actors who actually star in them | The Independent

20 A-List Actors Who Bared It All For The Camera! | ScreenRant

The Girl from the Naked Eye () - IMDb

acting career - Do actors get paid more for sexual/explicit scenes? - Movies & TV Stack Exchange

Naked appeal: is it OK to find actors attractive? | Stage | The Guardian

Actors On What It's Really Like To Do A Sex Scene

Child Actors Who Were Way Too Young For Their Controversial Roles

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