Jess passed out naked

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posted by Frankie and Jess Show - May 1, Passed out while using the toilet fell back into the tub shower curtain came down as well hit. Jessica and Olivia stage a naked sit-in in Il Gnosh to try to get their Max catches O.B. red-handed as he attempts to sneak Mel out of the flat.

TEXT TOPIC: Did you get injured in the bathroom? | Frankie and Jess | ZHT

Jess passed out naked - Pics and galleries

Jess Glynne | The new album 'Always In Between' out now

TEXT TOPIC: Did someone ruin your concert experience? | Frankie and Jess | ZHT

Jess locke shared laughs, tunes and cake with punters at the Old Bar - Beat Magazine

Jess and Olivia stage a naked sit-in

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