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This also means a lot of extra incidental nudity, so if you're a stickler for seeing this in the same shape as a movie screen, just zoom in on a Most of the carnal encounters are fairly graphic and push the softcore limits about as far as possible no wonder this rarely made the rounds on cable! Oh, and you also get a hot and heavy session with a basketball player, not to mention some gratuitous nudity from slumming guest star Dagmar Lassander in one of her last real sexpot roles.

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It turns out that our lovely heroine has found herself in the midst of political turmoil, with Prince Sanit thrown into jail as a result, so she high-tails it to Casablanca, where she enters a loving lesbian relationship with Debra, the daughter of an American ambassador, and breaks up the engagement of Roberto to a stuffy British female archaeologist by taking her for a walk on the wild side. Extras include a Joe D'Amato interview videotaped at a UK Eurofest convention in which he talks a bit about his most popular leading lady and his softcore work , with a few glimpses of other Italian-related guest appearances at the show; you also get a non-anamorphic trailer sourced from tape but looking quite watchable all the same.

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