Amateur actors pause too much shakespeare

Any correct use of punctuation is a road sign to an intelligent actor. That line-up was a reminder of just how important the amateur market is to contemporary playwrights as well as publishers.

Passionate look at Shakespeare plagued by too too many problems - Chicago Tribune

Petty resentments suck up dozens of pages and cloud his judgments "watching my fellow graduate students assiduously sucking up to Harold Bloom and other stars of the department, their sherry-flushed faces perspiring from the damp mothball-mildew warmth of their tweeds" ; his willingness to characterize and dismiss major thinkers whose work he clearly has not read does a disservice to his readers; and his horror over any text--other than Stephen Booth's criticism and Shakespeare's poems and plays--that challenges its readers perpetuates the notion that the American reading public is incapable of intellectual labor.

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