I like to fuck tila hot rod

Sucking on my titties so milky! I like to fuck everybody in the world. That's the way I like to fuck No hands, drippin wet That's the way you like to suck Baby don't take it personal When I go and fuck these hos Let's talk about the word fuck for a second I make love to you Don't get it fucked up baby you're my queen Even though I go and put my dick in everything Baby it's just cause I like to fuck sexy boys, sexy girls I like to fuck leather pants, jerry curls I like to fuck suck cock until I hurl I like to fuck everybody in the world Michael Jackson A shot of Tequila gets em real hot I blow the Dozier, ride the Hot Rod Squirt like the wipers on my high top I'm a say I'm a sa ma ma coo sa Suckin on my titties so milky I get dirty with it, I'm so filthy Do it like you wanna make a baby Yeah milf me If it ain't yours you can still come and drill me Right?

Hot Rod - I Like To Fuck :: Sasslantis

A shot of Tequila gets 'em real hot!

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