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When she considered leaving TOS, to pursue a Broadway career, she was requested to take a meeting. She also appeared as a contestant on the show The Dating Game and was in a number of feature films. Banks got her start in when she was elected 'Miss Rheingold', appearing in advertisements and promotions for Rheingold Beer.

11 Things You Didn't Know About Dolly Parton | Mental Floss

Spock uses his Vulcan telepathic ability to lure the naive Kelvan, Kelinda, closer to him, obtaining her control belt. On the Season 2 , 4th episode, Mirror, Mirror she played cunning Lieutenant Marlena Moreau who, in a parallel barbaric universe mirroring their previous reality, is know as the "Captain's Woman" who is able to use the devious 'Tantalus Field' weapon to silently eliminate political enemies.

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