Naked vegas body art

Whether simulating clothing, transforming models into fantastical creatures, camouflaging a figure seamlessly into the background, or boggling the mind with the versatility of the body, body paint in all of its guises has emerged as a surprising, inspiring medium. Naked and Painted blows the doors open on the burgeoning art form of body paint. This make-up artist-turned-leader of Las Vegas' hottest body painting brigade is thrilled to see her work step out of the sphere of "naughty" and into the arena of the impressive and awe-inspiring.

Naked vegas Archives - I Love Body Art

Despite being unexpected, these challenges inspired incredible moments of triumph and wit that have had staying power in the Face Off canon. The artists' faces light up when recounting how their canvases undergo a metamorphosis from self-consciously hugging their chests to proudly flaunting their newly emblazoned bodies!

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