Nude on the appalachian

These thru-hikers, trudging from the trail head in Georgia to its finish in Maine a journey that typically starts in early spring and ends in late summer , are the most likely to shed their smelly regalia for the solstice ritual, making the 41 miles of in-state trail potentially perilous for Girl Scout troops or day hikers whose tour buses have paused there briefly on the way to historic battlefields. We always seemed to catch our shoes or boots on the crotch seams of the shorts as a pack of children was approaching. After all, it's just one of many types of hiking.

June 21st--Hike Naked Day On The Appalachian Trail | SkyWalker Books

Besides, because of all that extra exposed skin, the naked "are much more at risk for Lyme's disease," she said. YOU are the one bucking the norm.

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