Who has worked nude in the movies

Elizabeth Bennet is one of the greatest protagonists of any story around. The street is not somewhere one would wish to linger after dark, and downstairs is a factory making dog boots, but the un-actressy Ehle, 45, is taking it all in her stride no pun intended. Speaking with Rolling Stone about the re-release of the film 18 years later and in the wake of more than 80 women joining her in accusing Weinstein of various forms of sexual misconduct , Argento said many people immediately recognized the character in her movie.

Emilia Clarke confirms her nude scene does not feature a body double in latest Game of Thrones

What were you looking for in your subjects? At the time, I didn't know the terminologyŚit means to look a the camera and say your nameŚso I was like, "Sorry, say that again?

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